I solved NP Problem and Yang-Mills Mass Gap problem

I have solved the NP problem and Yang-Mills Mass Gap problem. My contribution is here : NP-Problem-Solved.

or is linked at https://leibnizengine.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/np-arxiv.pdf

A note for curious readers, “atomic functions”, such as nuclear power and the sun, provide the kernel-based scales of the continuation. Light is a constant scaling factor. We also have the q-factor scaling for other cases.

Another note: The modulus of the convergent (to a source or a target,on or off) continuation can be bounded but the continuation is not finite. In addition, thinking of mathematical scales, light gives a constant scaling factor upon reaching the “X” since the “X” cuts off the continuation. The article solving the NP problem presents the mathematical discussions and evidences on the structure of light.

To stop the continuation, the source or the target, on or off, a heaviside function, and other policy functions can be defined to obtain polynomials.

Upon landing, The rotation of the “X” contributes to the kernel of another continuation.

Verification paths serve the need for returning.

It is important to see the difference between the structure and the quantity.


About Lei Liu

A book author, an inventor, and a problem solver. My scientific goal is to solve all notable problem in the world by myself. My engineering goal is to complete the blueprint for construction.
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